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When should springs be changed?

When garage door springs show signs of problems, they have to be checked for minor repairs. If the problem is getting worse despite repair, it is time for replacement. Don’t take the risk in letting it stay that way since it could lead to more problems.

Are garage door lubricants all the same?

Basically, yes. Unless you run into a brand that combines lubricants with other agents, then any brand is safe. However, North Highlands experts also recommend cooking oil when you run out of garage door lubricants. They are safe for use as temporary replacement.

What should I do if I bump into my garage door while parking?

The garage door should stop moving and go into its reversing mechanism once it hits something. But if you have bumped it already, make sure that you immediately move away from it and stay away from the garage door since it could have been unhinged and may fall on you.

How do you get rid of rust causing malfunction?

It is inevitable that your garage door will suffer from the wear and tear of regular use at any point. According to garage door specialist in North Highlands, rust is one source of trouble that you can avoid if you clean and lubricate the moving parts at least once a month.

What are opener safety sensors?

These are two small devices that are set six inches above the ground on the sides of the overhead garage door. One of them emits an infrared beam and the other one captures it. If this beam is interrupted during the closing of the door, a signal is sent to the opener and its reversal mechanism is replaced. This is how people and properties are kept safe.

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